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Best *LUXURY* Gifts to SPOIL Yourself Best *LUXURY* Gifts to SPOIL Yourself
Today is all about spoiling yourself and your loved ones. ...

Best *LUXURY* Gifts to SPOIL Yourself

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Posted on: 11/28/22

Today is all about spoiling yourself and your loved ones.  I'm sharing the best luxury gift ideas this year.  at many different price points.  Some are actually more on the affordable side,  and some are more expensive.  I even have a Louis Vuitton unboxing.  This is really good, wait till you see this.  It's so good, because you can actually keep  something for yourself, but let's just get started.  Number one, we have Lilysilk, and I've been wearing Lilysilk  and recommending them for years.  I just love their pieces, and they really would make  such amazing gifts for your loved ones,  even though their prices are really affordable  for what you're getting.  So they have silk, they have got cashmere, wool.  It comes beautifully packaged.  I mean, it just looks like a gift.  Hopefully you're seeing this.  Like, it's honestly stunning.  But just so you know, you do have to select gift box packing  when placing your order,  otherwise it will come in a pretty envelope bag.  They have a really big sale right now,  and I just thought it would make the perfect gift idea,  so I'm gonna go through my personal favorites to consider.  Everything will be linked down below,  but as far as their sale, everything is 20% off  automatically, but if you use code SHEA12,  you'll get an extra 12% off everything.  Definitely just check them out.  I would definitely recommend even just PJs.  Here are some pink PJs that I absolutely love.  The silk is fantastic.  It's like highest quality silk.  It's mulberry silk, and it just seems so luxurious.  It's so breathable, it's so soft.  There's so many colors to choose from as well,  and there there's also this like, silk PJ dress  that I personally have been really loving.  My mom is obsessed with their silk PJs too.  And then don't forget about silk pillowcases.  People love these, and this is my newest one.  So they have, you know, solid colors,  and they also have patterns.  And I've been loving the patterns because it just,  you know, takes it up a notch.  And then sometimes if I, you know, if I forget  to maybe take off my makeup or something like that,  I feel like over time,  the pattern kind of like, hides it a little bit more.  So you can get whatever you want,  but this is the best of the best silk.  And also there's the silk caps people put over their hair,  and it makes their hair way less frizzy when you wake up,  way less tangly.  It really is a healthy thing for your hair, not to mention  the silk with the pillowcase and less wrinkles.  It's great for your skin.  So those are definitely really, really good options  for gifts this year, and then as far as clothing,  they have so many new arrivals on their site.  I love their just solid silk tops.  You can get something more neutral.  All of it is so wearable.  You can dress it up, you can dress it down.  You can also get something  with more of a pattern like this one.  It just has a really expensive designer look to it,  but again, the price point is really good.  And then they're also known for their wool and cashmere.  So for instance, this sweater,  it is actually a wool sweater.  It is so high quality and soft.  I'm telling you, it's not scratchy whatsoever,  but every time I wear this,  I feel like I can do so much with it.  If I wanna dress it down and wear it  with maybe some ripped jeans and sneakers,  it looks really chic and stylish, or if I wanna dress it up  and just look more dressy, I can do that.  It's just a sweater that will look great on everybody,  so definitely consider this, and then also this silk dress.  I love this silk dress.  I wanted to mention this because I think it would be great  for holiday parties coming up.  I love the green.  You can get it in other colors,  but this is just a great dress to have on hand,  because not only would it work for the holidays,  but you can wear it year round.  So I will have Lilysilk linked down below  along with the different codes.  They have sales going on.  You can save a lot of money.  Even just the way it arrives, it looks beautifully packaged  and would make a great gift idea.  Number two, designer perfume, this is another gift  that is more, it can be more on the affordable side,  but goes a really long way depending on what brand you get.  I mean, in a way,  sometimes you're paying kind of for the brand  like this Chanel perfume, but it lasts so long,  and I just wanna share some that I really recommend to you.  I would say like, the most affordable option would be  this Gucci Flora perfume.  I'm telling you guys, this is my personal favorite.  I love this perfume, but if you're going more for the name,  I would say try the Chanel Number Five.  This is so classic, and even if the person doesn't use it,  having it just sit on their dresser  or their vanity, it looks beautiful.  Then we have the Louis Vuitton perfume.latest trending outfits for ladies


This comes in many different scents.  I have the rose scent.  I mean it's almost, it's not almost done,  but I've gone through it.  It is really good, but the perfume or fragrance  of all fragrances, like, this is the best of the best.  This is the like, I'm not even sure you'd wanna gift this.  It's so expensive.  It's ridiculous, to be honest, however, maybe consider this  for yourself, because it is shockingly good.  It's the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Baccarat Rouge 540.  This is viral, I mean, everyone talks about it.  I was so skeptical about this, and I ordered it,  and I kid you not, every time I wear this,  every time it has never failed me.  People ask me, strangers ask me what my perfume is,  my friends, if I like go to church or I go to a party,  people ask me about this freaking perfume.  It is just something that I can't even explain.  Like, it's kind of a sweet musky,  like, it is just the most interesting scent,  and let me just tell you, it lasts.  I mean, if I spray this.  Days later, I can still smell it in the room.  I can smell it, if I haven't washed my hair,  I can still smell it on my hair,  so a little goes a long way.  This will last you forever, and it really is so viral.  So I will link it below.  Sometimes it sells out,  but it's definitely a really good luxury idea.  Next we have a few luxury appliances,  and I will link all three of these under this same number.  Number three, first we have the Breville espresso machine.  I have had this for four or five years.  The price has continually gone up, unfortunately.  I think they've kind of tweaked it a little bit  to make it even better,  but I use this every day, multiple times a day.  It is 1,000% worth it to me if you are a coffee lover.  I mean, I usually just make Americanos, but you can make  lattes, cappuccinos, like, all of the things.  I mean, it truly is better than Starbucks.  I'm not just saying that, so definitely consider that.  Also, if you're more of a tea maker,  this Matcha tea maker is amazing as well.  I have a friend that has this,  so I personally haven't ever used it,  but it's definitely a good idea.  And then this nugget ice maker, I would never want this.  I really don't like my water cold,  but so many people are obsessed with ice.  And so this is famous, really expensive,  like, high end houses,  like, they just have their nugget ice maker.  I mean, it's like a staple in their household.  So if you know somebody like that,  consider that idea or again, for yourself.  Now, this next idea, I was really on the fence  about whether or not I was going to recommend it,  but it's one of those things  where a lot of people love it and swear by it,  and a lot of people are like,  "Eh, I don't know if it's worth the money."  So it is, drum roll, the Dyson air wrap.  So this is really expensive.  I purchased it myself.  I wanted to see if it was worth the hype,  and there were certain attachments that I did really like.  There were certain attachments that I was like,  "I would never use this."  And then I have a really good friend and just,  I thought she would like it, so I was like,  "Here, why don't you just test this out?"  She's obsessed with it,  so I ended up gifting it to her and she uses it weekly.  I mean like, she can't imagine not having it,  so I am recommending this as a gift idea  or something for yourself.  If you have the kind of hair where you like blowouts  or you like big waves, it really, really does work well.  It's not going to work like a curling iron  with like, tight curls.  It's really pricey, but it's very high quality.  It comes with like really nice like, box.  I'm kind of still on the fence about it,  but it's so well known that if you were to gift it  and it's like a splurge gift, people would really love it.  Now, let's talk about jewelry.  Jewelry always makes a wonderful gift idea,  but this is a luxury gift guide video,  so we're going pricey.  I'm not gonna be talking about, you know,  the Amazon options or the Miranda Frye.  I love Miranda Frye, but she's more semi-fine.  I am recommending Cartier or Tiffany's.  I actually don't even have that much Tiffany's.  I would say, depending on who you are or who you're gifting  these pieces to, if the person loves silver or white gold,  I would say go the Tiffany route.  I feel like all of their pieces really suit those tones,  whereas if you are more of a yellow gold fan,  I would say maybe try Cartier.  So you guys know if you've been watching my channel,  I personally am obsessed with Cartier.  I even like to just buy for myself,  so I will like obviously be showing  some of the personal pieces that I have.  I love bracelets, I love the rings.  I just love pieces like this  that you never have to take off.  That's the beauty of luxury jewelry.  You never have to take it off.  Even in the shower, I wear mine.  So again, this is a very high price point,  something for a loved one, or again, yourself.  Take this video and just drop some hints  for your boyfriend or your husband.  All right, it's time for the Louis Vuitton unboxing,  and I have a couple things after this,  so this isn't the end of the video,  but let's just go ahead and unbox this.  I did get this for myself with the anticipation  that I might keep something for myself  and then gift some of the other pieces,  so it sounds super confusing,  but just wait till you see what it is.  It's really good.  Okay, so it comes beautifully packaged.  I'm gonna ruin it.  I always kind of like, hate this part.  I hate ruining this,  and then with unboxings, like I just gotta keep going.  I can't like, start over now that the packaging's ruined.  Okay, so we open it up, and let's reveal what it is.  It's the classic monogram Kirigami set.  Now, this is not it.  It's like, pouches, but three in one.  It's like one of those like, dolls where like,  the pieces just keep getting smaller.  So then there's this one and you open it up,  and then there's this one.

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you get three pouches. They're like envelope pouches at different sizes, and so that's what I mean by this would make such a good gift idea, because if you want to keep this for yourself as a clutch, and maybe gift these two pieces away, you could do that, and like, this is Louis Vuitton, like, the most recognized, well known canvas material, and I just love these sizes. So you could do so much with this. Just get it for yourself. And the price point, I know like, some people watching this are just it's insanity to them, and I totally understand. It's 745 for this, but if you were to get just like, one card holder which is this size, they run for like 300, and then just, I honestly think this is a really good deal. And so for this size, I would love to use it as I mentioned, like a clutch for like, a night out. It's a really good size but not too big, and then the middle size I think would make a great little catch-all for like, your lip glosses, your like, floss, like, just the things that you want to kind of like keep all together in your purse. And then finally, the small one as like, a card holder or like, a little money pouch. It's just like, a cute little size, and yeah, all of the interiors are different colors. So I love gifts where you can kind of spoil yourself at the same time. Now, a few other small leather good or SLG options from designer brands like Louis Vuitton or Chanel are these. These are like the best of the best in my opinion. I've tested out a lot, I've bought a lot, I've sold a lot. This I feel like you can't go wrong. I'm gonna start with the Victorine wallet. I've had this for almost five years using this as my main wallet. The button is starting to look a little tarnished, but I'm telling you the amount that I've used this, I am totally fine with it. I don't even ever notice it. But to me this is the best wallet, because it is still on the mini size so you can fit it in cross body bags, and then move it to like a tote bag. Like, it just works for everything and it holds cards. It holds cash, and the kicker is it also holds coins. It's very hard to find a mini wallet that does all three of those, and it just snaps together, and it's held up amazing. And then we have the Chanel Zippy wallet and the Chanel coin purse. This is the snap, and I love both. I haven't used these in quite some time, but I did really use them, therefore, like a year or two, and also have held up great. You could either get this at Chanel, or I would check out maybe Fashionphile. I'll link them below as well. You could get this pre-loved. People would love this, you would love it. To me, this is a more like, decent price point compared to like, a full blown handbag. So I will have Lilysilk along with everything else that I mentioned in this video linked down below. I think all of these gifts are really good for different people, obviously, but also very well-rounded. So I hope you enjoyed it. Give it a thumbs up if you did. If you're new, subscribe, and I'll see you in my next one. Bye.

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